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Our Mission


Clarissa Community Club mission is to enhance the lives of individuals and families by offering opportunities and by supporting our community.




Our Philosophy


The Clarissa Community Club strives to promote our community, and to improve the communication, volunteerism, and awareness of events between the community members within the City of Clarissa and surrounding areas.




Our Vision


Every person has to opportunity to participate, contribute, and participate in all areas and aspects of Clarissa Community Club




Our Values


RESPECT; All people are treated with dignity and respect

STEWARDSHIP; We honor our community by being socially, financially, and responsible.

ETHICS; We Strive to meet the highest ethical standards.

LEARNING; We challenge each other to strive for excellence.

INNOVATION; We embrace continuous improvement, bold creativity for all members of the community.

Happy Holidays from the Clarissa Community Club
Watch for the 2023 Calendar of Events.
Be sure to Save the date for Summerfest July 21st-23rd 2023

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